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Frequently Asked Questions


Free online Bible courses

Looking to expand your Bible knowledge? Study the Bible at your own pace with our Bible study courses.

Coming Winter 2024

Can I start a course and come back to it later?

Yes. Your progress will always be saved. If you seem to be losing progress, make sure to sign in with the same account each time.

How much does a course cost?

Our courses are offered free of charge!

What level of Bible knowledge do I need to take a course?

Our courses are designed for those with little to no Bible knowledge.

Interactive Quizzes

Test your knowledge with short quizzes about each topic.

Ask Questions

Ask us a question at any point and we'll get back to you, fast.

Completely Free

No cost. No commitment.

Self Paced

You'll be able to work through the material at your own pace and track your progress as you go. 

Bible Based

Each course is based 100% on Bible teaching.

Video Content

Watch exclusive, high-quality videos to help broaden your understanding of each topic.

Course Features

Why should you take a BibleBasics course?

Do you have questions but no good answers?

Do you want to worship God by having a greater understanding of His purpose?

Do you feel confused by all the contradictory teachings of so many churches?

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